Hal Lynne Micali, LMFT (MFC 34381)


Hal Lynne Micali began working as a therapist in the field in 1992 and has had a private psychotherapy practice in Los Altos, California since 1996. She is known for her warmth, tenacity and persistence in working with difficult to manage disorders of emotion regulation.

Hal Lynne is one of the most highly trained DBT practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1999, she has undergone multiple trainings in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, DBT including the Behavioral Tech Intensive Training and two Advanced Behavioral Tech Intensive Training Courses led by Marsha Linehan, PhD. Hal Lynne adheres to the principals of the DBT methodology and consults weekly with renowned DBT and RO DBT experts to ensure that her practice adheres to DBT principles.

Hal Lynne’s training includes working with Borderline Personality Disorders, major depression, anxiety, eating disorders, domestic violence, PTSD, and substance abuse/dependence.

In addition to her private practice, Hal Lynne’s work experience includes:

  • El Camino Hospital – Behavioral Medicine
  • Project Focus (YWCA) – Families in crisis
  • Adolescent Counseling Services – Drug and Alcohol Program for adolescents
  • Stanford Hospital – Adolescent Drug Program
  • VA Hospital, Menlo Park -Therapeutic Community for chemical dependency

Previously, Hal Lynne worked in the field of human resources, where she recognized her desire to be “of service” to others and developed a deep regard for the importance of healthy interpersonal relationships. She was inspired to enter the field of behavioral health, bringing with her the real life experience to help solve real life problems.

California DBT Peninsula Associates – Hal Lynne Micali(MFC 34381)

California DBT Peninsula Associates was formed in 2002. This five-person team includes professionals from psychological disciplines:

  • PhDs
  • LMFT – Marriage & Family Therapists
  • LCSW

Since 2007, Hal Lynne Micali (MFC 34381) formed a fully adherent training team for practitioners who wish to learn DBT. The training team consists of:

  • LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • MSW – Master of Social Work
  • LMFT – Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Psychology students in training for DBT and RO DBT

These teams of individual practitioners meet weekly as an integral part of the practice of DBT. The teams act as a community of people helping a community of people.

How We Work

We focus on helping people to change their behavior. We believe in bringing kindness, persistence and a sense of humor to the therapeutic process. When we meet for the first time, we will discuss goals you wish to achieve and plan how to accomplish these goals in a collaborative way, evaluating progress weekly. We will work to understand the reasons that lead you to desire help. We will look at what behaviors you want to change. We will explore how radical acceptance fits into your life. In each session, we will practice ways to make changes and determine ways to apply these techniques in between sessions so you can generalize them in your everyday life.

We make use of methods that have been determined by research to be most effective for a particular problem. These evidence-based practices can help to reduce suffering and help you to make changes in the way you desire. With problems that are extremely difficult to change, we work with you to develop acceptance through mindfulness.